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I love feeding my guppy fish. It is so much fun to watch them eat the food you offer. But what should you feed them? Anyways, which is the best food to feed your guppies? How many times you should feed your fish a day?

I will answer all your questions related to guppy food and feeding schedule in this article.

How to Feed Your Guppy Fish?

Guppy fish always look hungry and can be overfeed very easily. They will eat as much you offer them. Overfeeding will cause your fish health issues.

Feeding your guppies once or twice per day is enough. Make sure you offer them a good diet and a variety of food.

Offer them a small amount of food that they can eat in 20-40 seconds. Multiple smaller pinches of flake foods will work best.

If you offer live food such as blood worms or brine shrimp to your guppies, do not throw all the food at once. Divide them up in multiple doses.

Guppies are omnivore. They will accept almost anything you offer them. When it comes to commercial food, the selection is endless. There are hundreds of companies who produce fish food for both adults and fry.

You can also prepare your guppy food at home. This process is time consuming, but might worth trying it out, if you want to raise beautiful fish.

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